Innovative Animal Supplies

 Product Range

Offer you a range of top quality consumables,  adapted to veterinary blood collection, and administration.  Our initial focus is to expand the veterinary specific range for blood component preparation and storage.

Our catalogue of products  includes veterinary specific collection bags, in line and transfusion filters, and uniquely designed separation consumables. We are uncompromising on the quality of our products.

Our devices are easy to use and adapted for specific species. Our priority is quality and safety for the donor and recipient and ease of use for our veterinary clinical and blood banking colleagues


serynge filter

SA150 Blood FIlter

Single-use filter for transfusion


IAS Veterinary Spike

Single use connecting system for transfusion


Bag of anticoagulant solution

IAS Equine Lystae Kit

Single use system of small bags intented for refregirate or frozen blood products.

IAS Canine Kits

Range of single-use system of blood bags kit for dog


IAS Feline kit

Single-use system of blood bags kit for cat

IAS Transfer kit

Single-use system for transfer of blood components

IAS Single kit

Single-use system for collection of whole blood