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IAS Equine Lysate Kit

Sterile packed 15 pouch fluid separator. Pouches hold 1-30mL of fluid and are suitable for blood products including those that require refrigerated and frozen storage. Space limiter devices can be used to manage fill volume. Heat seal is recommended to seal individual pouches after filling. Content is accessed by using a needle free spike (veterinary spike) to draw stored product into syringes ready for use



IAS Equine Lysate Kit



Sterile separation of sterile collected/ prepared fluids with a sealed spike port into up to 15 pouches. Fluid volume of up to 450mL can be separated 



IAS Equine Lysate Kit are provided singly-wrapped and sterilised by Ethylene Oxide.



IAS Equine Lysate Kits are provided singly-wrapped and sterilized by steam


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