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IAS Single Kit

The IAS Single Kit is available on two sizes: 300mL or 450mL.

It allows collection of whole blood. The long collection line allows tailored gravity flow rates by modifying table height allowing rapid draw times for large donors and flexible location of suction units away from the donor. Less likelihood of overdraw due to drag caused by short collection lines.


IAS Single Kit



Single kits are intended for the collection of up to 300mL or 450mL of whole blood



IAS Single Kits Blood kits are provided singly-wrapped and sterilised by steam.
65 Canine Kits are contained in one box.


CPDA anticoagulant to ensure the quality of whole blood over time.
16G siliconized sharp needle to ensure smooth venipuncture.
No snap valves in collection lines reduces the chance of clots or sluggish flow within the line.


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